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TitleThe Wildlife show
Place nameParry Sound Curling Club
Date start19.04.2021 10:00 (36 Days Ago)
Date end19.04.2021 17:00 (35 Days Ago)

The Wildlife Festival Presents:
HUNSTVILLE/PARRY SOUND ON - The Canadian Raptor Conservancy (Birds of Prey, Muskoka Wildlife 
Centre) and Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo (The Backyard Conservation Fund of Canada) are coming to the Jack 
Bionda Area in Huntsville on Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19 at the Parry Sound Curing Club. Be 
amazed and learn about some of the coolest animals from Argentina to the Canadian Arctic during the 
Wildlife Festival Wild Americas. Come face to face with owls, hawks, eagles, a peregrine falcon and 
witness an incredible free flight birds of prey demonstration. We will also have an alligator, a tortoise, a 
tarantula, a scorpion and much more. 
The Canadian Raptor Conservancy performs live, Free-Flight Demonstrations across Canada at select
events throughout the year. They perform over 1000 presentations per year and reach an audience of 
over 1 million people. Their demonstrations include birds that are trained for free flight, as each 
different bird is unique in its own appearance and flight styles. 
Little Ray's Reptile Zoo is accredited by CAZA/AZAC and regularly works with the OSPCA, municipal, 
provincial, and federal authorities for the placement of seized and unwanted reptiles and amphibians. 
Over 80% of the animals we have in our care are unwanted or seized pets.
The Backyard Conservation Fund of Canada is a registered non-profit that takes in and places unwanted 
and confiscated reptiles and amphibians into suitable and long-term homes, and the Muskoka Wildlife 
Centre is a facility that educates the public on native, Canadian wildlife. Their outreach programs have 
entertained and educated audiences across the Country for decades.
Let us bring out the young scientist and animal enthusiast in you. The Wild America’s will run from 10am
to 5pm each day. Admission is only $10.00 per person. If you “like” and then “share” “The Wildlife 
Festival” Facebook page, you pay only $8 per person. Children under 2 are free. 
Derek Young, Forever Young Shows


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