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Our Programs

Our programs

Hosts: This is a way to showcase what you and your business is all about. Held typically on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, you will have the opportunity to host the Members of the Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce.

This is a drop-in event for you to network, make business contacts and more. Bring lots of business cards, have a chat with our host, and enjoy the evening. These events are open to Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce members and invited guests only.

Information Parry Sound Area will focus on ensuring that those in our area have ready access to the information of what's happening, where to eat, stay, shop and play.

Here are some of the questions our members have asked us and our responses:

Q- As a Chamber member, will there be an additional cost for this service above my membership? A- No, this is an added advantage to membership. Of course there will be opportunities to participate in special programs at a fee.

Q- Will non-Chamber members be included? A- Yes, as an area information centre we want to show all that our area has to offer. Non members will have the opportunity, for a set fee, to have their brochures in the centre or to be on our website. Please note that be it in the office or on the website our Chamber members will be identified as Preferredbusinesses. Q- Will the Information have a separate website? A- As this endeavor falls under the Chamber, any reference to a website will be directed to the Chambers website,

Q- What are your plans to promote via social media? A- "Information Parry Sound Area" now has it's stand alone Facebook page. We encourage you to like the page and share it in order to assist in getting the word out.

Q- What will the hours of operation be? A. January 5th to June 1, 2021 Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and open Saturdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm. These are tentative hours which we will monitor and if required, increase. Summer hours will be posted at a later date.

Q- How will our visitors and seasonal residents locate you? A- We are currently discussing and planing this with both the Ministry of Transportation and with the Todd's signs program. We will also be looking at signage within the Town of Parry Sound. The majority of people will research first the area they are planning to visit, and with a physical address the information centre will be gps compatible




The Imagine campaign was launched in 2008 and we're very excited to relaunch the program. The purpose behind the project is focused on three items; Branding, Target Markets and Scope.

Branding Our Area
The Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce’s mandate is to promote and encourage economic development in the Parry Sound Area through responsible partnerships and a strong membership base. The Chamber has developed this marketing campaign for this very purpose.

What is the Imagine… campaign?
Imagine… a marketing campaign that offers a unified purpose while maintaining the integrity of your business or organization’s core message. This campaign is geared to unite all of the current efforts by municipalities, area associations, and independent businesses by offering a single identifying concept that can tie to any existing marketing efforts. By forming a unified campaign we will grow strength in all aspects of our business community through integrated promotions.

Why Imagine…
The purpose of this campaign is to appeal to all types of entities; from a construction company to a tourism business to a municipality. This single word can be used to enliven any slogan, phrasing, or image. As a verb, the word imagine implies action, a dream, a feeling; this single word is also easily used in English or French language publications.

Examples of incorporating Imagine… into individual marketing efforts could include:
A resort: Imagine… Capturing the Memories
A retail business: Imagine… store name and one special product or service!

Food & Beverage: ...Imagine… an evening out with friends over a relaxing dinner

Manufacturing: ...Imagine… a custom built ???

The Scope of Imagine…
Every business advertises somewhere, but no business can afford to advertise everywhere. Imagine multiplying your marketing dollars without any effort. That is what Imagine… is about. As each businesses, association and municipality associated with the West Parry Sound Area incorporates the phrase into their advertising, the recognition factor for the area will increase. Consumers will associate Imagine… with the West Parry Sound Area and will identify messages they see with the area – making base connections in their subconscious for future reference.

Joe Smith may have never heard of a certain area business, however, if he has been receiving information from another local business via media including the Imagine… tag, he will see and feel an affinity for the next marketing media ad he sees or hears which incorporates that same key message. Joe Smith now associates two West Parry Sound Businesses together that he would not have connected previously. As this effect is multiplied, every recognition of the word Imagine… becomes a recognition of life and business as a whole in our area. Can you Imagine… the impact that will have for our region?

Target Markets and Audience

Encouraging people to think about our area as somewhere they want to be is key. Whether that desire is to live here, work here, open a business here, or simply visit here, we want them thinking about the West Parry Sound Area as the place to be. Our iconic natural attributes lend our initial targets to be city-dwellers, specifically those making lifestyle choices for their family or their business.

Imagine… Timeline
As a business owner you are the key to the next stage of success for this campaign. Creating a stronger unified voice for the West Parry Sound Area and our business community as a whole is in your hands. This campaign can only be a success when we all work together to show the province, the country, and the world what a great place this is. For more information please contact Perry and

Imagine…What we can accomplish together!

President's Gala and 2013 Business Awards
Our President's Gala and 2013 Business Awards took place on Friday, May 2, 2021 at the Parry Sound Golf and Country Club. Those attending enjoyed a fantastic meal and service by the club, of course the Awards presentations, and also information on our three key programs this year. "Setting Sail", "Imagine..." and "Year of Acceleration".

This evening is the highlight of the year for our members and of course us, as it recognizes those businesses that fellow members have nominated by category for their success in 2013. We congratulate all of the businesses that were nominated.

Entrepreneur of the Year, 2013 - A business that has demonstrated early success and future potential.

RECIPIENT- End Of The Rainbow ~ Children's Clothing and Toy Boutique
Harmony Home Health Care
RECIPIENT- Porch to Pier
SOS Media

Tourism Award 2013:

A business that has demonstrated success and continued growth in the field of tourism.

40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast
RECIPIENT - Georgian Bay Airways Ltd.
Moose FM CKLP 103.3 - Parry Sound
Parry Sound Water Taxi and Fishing Charter
Parry Sound KOA
Seguin Valley Golf Club

The Museum on Tower Hill

Business of the Year Award 2013 - This award recognizes the achievements of the business for customer service, sales and innovation. 

Applause Party Rentals
Century 21- Granite Real Estate
Distler Construction Ltd.
Parry Sound Fuels
Hanson's Mad Hatter Café
Shoppers Drug Mart

RECIPIENT- Wellington's Pub & Grill


Community Business Award 2013 - This award is presented to an individual that has exhibited strength and leadership in the community.

James Cox
RECIPIENT - David Garagan
Mark Payne
Lis McWalter

We extend our thanks to those members of the Chamber who have stepped forward in support of our Sponsorship program for the evening. They are as recognized.

Game Sponsor
Parry Sound Insurance, Dave Garagan

Gold Sponsor
Parry Sound North Star

Gold Sponsor

Distler Construction LTD.

Award Sponsor
The Labour Market Group

Wine Sponsor
Wellington's Pub & Grill

Hors d'oeuvers Sponsor
Rosseau Lake College

Executive Members

Leaders in the business community!





Community Partners / Participating Partners

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